Ethnic Minorities

Foundation Certificate in Spreadsheet Processing I (English Medium) (Part-time)


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Courses for Ethnic Minorities

Available Centre
Choi Wan (2) Estate
Course Mode
Half-day mode, 3 hours per session / Total 30 hours

1. Interface of MS Excel
2. File Management
3. Operation of the Cells including Input, Edit, Move, Delete and Auto Formatting
4. Using basic operations, Formulas and Functions in Cells
5. Work Sheet Editing
6. Data filtering and sorting
7. Charts Making and application
8. Printing Procedures
9. Multi Windows Management
10. Introduction
11. Occupational Safety & Health

30 hours

Possess English literacy skills; and Holder of Module Certificate in Fundamental Computer Concepts and Keyboard Operation of the ERB or equivalent; or pass the entry test on basic computer skills

- Course fee: $1,750 (Monthly income of $20,001 or above)
- Course fee: $350 (Monthly income between $12,501 and $20,000)
- Course fee: Waived (Unemployed/monthly income of $12,500 or below)

- Accredited Certificate by the ERB

2716 8712 (Choi Wan)