Ethnic Minorities

Foundation Cert in QAS for the Recognition Scheme of Security Training (English) (Part-time)


Choi Wan (2) Estate - 2022-08-01 ()

Courses for Ethnic Minorities

Available Centre
Choi Wan (2) Estate / Yuen Long
Course Mode
Full Day / Total 18 hours

1. Role, General Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard
2. Conduct and Behaviour
3. Uniforms and Equipment
4. Legal Responsibilities and Relevant Legislation
5. Prevention of Bribery Ordinance
6. Fire Prevention and Procedures
7. Handling of Emergencies
8. Reporting and Recording
9. Access Control and Patrolling
10. Health and Safety & Courtesy and Customer Relations

18 hours

Age of 18 or above; With working experience; Eligible for applying for the Security Personnel Permit; and Possess basic English literacy skills

- Course fee: $1,250 (Monthly income of $20,001 or above)
- Course fee: $375 (Monthly income between $12,501 and $20,000)
- Course fee: Waived (Unemployed/monthly income of $12,500 or below)

- Accredited Certificate by the ERB
- This course is recognised by the SGSIA. The trainees who have successfully completed this course and are able to produce a valid certificate can be exempted from the basic training on being employed by a security company. The award of concerned certificates does not mean to the fulfillment of all criteria for a security personnel permit (hereafter "permit") set by the SGSIA. For the application of permit, the graduates are required to make applications to the Commissioner of Police, and satisfy the criteria for issuing permits.

2716 8712 (Choi Wan) / 2402 2336(Yuen Long)