Ethnic Minorities

Foundation Certificate in Vocational Putonghua I for Non-Chinese Speakers (Part-time)


Choi Wan (2) Estate - 2022-08-25 (1330-1730)

Courses for Ethnic Minorities

Available Centre
Choi Wan (2) Estate
Course Mode
3 hours per session & 10 sessions / Total 30 hours

1.Introduction to basic Putonghua sound system
‧Introduction to Hanyu Pinyin
‧Tones, Initials and Finals
2. Understand basic vocabulary and dialogue in daily life
‧Name and family members
‧Numbers and time
‧Weather, temperature and seasons
‧Places and public transport

30 hours

Interested in learning oral Putonghua for communication; possess basic English literacy skills

- Course fee: $2,750 (Monthly income of $20,001 or above)
- Course fee: $825 (Monthly income between $12,501 and $20,000)
- Course fee: Waived (Unemployed/monthly income of $12,500 or below)

- Accredited Certificate by the ERB

2716 8712 (Choi Wan)