Ethnic Minorities

Foundation Certificate in Vocational Cantonese II (Discussion) for Non-Chinese Speakers (Part-time)


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Courses for Ethnic Minorities

Available Centre
Choi Wan (2) Estate
Course Mode
Evening course, 2.5 hours per session/ Total 30 hours

1. Conversation in meeting
Meeting arrangement and greeting guests
Discussion in meetings
Agreeing to / Refusing a suggestion
2. Workplace Conversation
Handling request from customers
Customer service in workplace
3. Site Visit
Practise Cantonese in real-life context

30 hours

Holder of “Foundation Certificate in Vocational Cantonese I (Daily Life) for Non-Chinese Speakers (Part-time)” of the ERB, or equivalent, or pass the entry test

- Course fee: $2,750 (Monthly income of $20,001 or above)
- Course fee: $825 (Monthly income between $12,501 and $20,000)
- Course fee: Waived (Unemployed/monthly income of $12,500 or below)