Ethnic Minorities

Foundation Certificate in Junior Chef in Western Cuisine Training (English Medium)


Choi Wan (2) Estate - 2024-04-18 ()

Courses for Ethnic Minorities

Available Centre
Choi Wan (2) Estate / Jordan
Course Mode
160 hours (about 8 weeks)

1. Industry overview
2. Practical cooking skills (Soup, Appetizer, Main Course, Sauces, Fishes, Meats, Vegetables, Pasta, Dessert)
3. Knowledge of Ingredients
4. Kitchen costing
5. Kitchen facilities and awareness of the tools, the use and cleaning and maintenance
6. Food safety and hygiene
7. Vocabulary and food menu
8. Personal attributes & Job search skills

160 hours

-Unemployed or non-engaged and aged 15 or above; and
-Education attainment of sub-degree or below; and eligible employees of HKSAR; and
-Pass the English entry test; and
-Interest in becoming a Junior Chef in Western cuisine or related work; and
-Demonstrate inclination for employment at the admission interview

✓ Free of Charge

✓ Accredited Certificate by the ERB
✓ Placement Service (Career counselling & Job matching)
✓ Training Allowance (80% or above attendance rate)

2716 8712 (Choi Wan)